Nanny State?

It is an oft repeated refrain that we don’t want to live in a Nanny state and that Governments should not be involved in directing the moral decisions of our lives. But the evidence is that for any significant moral question that has been posed to the Australia public, we cannot act like grown ups and we do need a Nanny!

When cattle are being subject to abuse in Indonesian abattoirs, it appears that individual producers and our local industry is incapable of making a moral decision not to accept the foreign dollar and that only government imposed sanctions are the solution. When the government offered emergency funding to defend against the GFC in the
form of insulation subsidies it attracted shonky contractors to such a scale that people died and houses burnt down. Obviously not only does the government have to set the Australian standards but we need “nannies” on the public purse to monitor every contractor to make sure they adhere to them.

With regards to the greatest moral challenge of our time, we would not need a government imposed carbon price if every individual or company who could afford to pay a bit more, took up the available green options from their power providers. You can get 100% green energy for only 5c more a KW at the moment, which is cheap because of low demand. If we were truly moral people, then voluntary subscription would be enough to drive the change to our power economy.

So please stop the whinging about our Nanny while we continue to act like spoilt children. Only if we can act like grown ups, and demonstrate the ability to make real moral choices on our own, can we do without a government Nanny.

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