Tony Abbott solves Western Debt Crisis

Tony Abbott’s carbon pollution reduction plan is brilliant! It simultaneously saves us from Global Warming and resolves the Western worlds debt crisis!

It establishes a pay-the-polluter scheme, were we the tax payers have to pay the polluters to reduce their carbon pollutions.

All we need do is take this wonderful model global, and then all of the worlds countries will pay the polluting countries (like Australia) to reduce our pollution. It will be so much more profitable to be paid to *not* export coal than it is to actually export coal. No need for all those expensive ports and ships etc.

I think the pay-the-polluter scheme is a wonderful precedent to set. If we stay ahead of the developing world in pollution production game, then they will forever be paying us to stop. We should immediately switch our R&D capacity (what’s left of it after your last term) to thinking of new polluting technologies.

Australians are world leaders in pollution production now and we can’t let our current socialist government let us drop in the rankings.

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