Carbon price will not reduce emissions?

So now that we have the details of the Gillard Governments carbon price, it is clear that the emissions of “facts” and slogans from Tony Abbot will not be reduced. The great scare campaigner is now in endless repetition that the governments own figures show that Australia’s emissions will not be reduced in the initial years of the carbon price!

What the great obfuscater deliberately does not say is that before we can reduce our total emissions, we must first reduce the rate of growth in our emissions! CSIRO analysis has shown that Australias emissions over the last 25 years have risen at almost twice the world average rate (and that includes the growth of China, India and Brasil). The carbon prices first job is to arrest this runaway growth and it will be some years before we can actually start reducing total emissions.

So if Tony Abbott wants cuts sooner, does he want us to start with a higher price? Even under his direct action plan, emissions would continue to rise for years (some think forever as direct action is too expensive on it’s own to work).

Abbott is just pandering to the general ignorance that is all too prevalent in the public debate about the carbon price. It is a cheap shot of the highest magnitude because we know that he knows the flaws of his “logic”. He is deliberating poisoning the well of public information for his own political gain. Shame Tony Shame!

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